Our experienced Australian team provides a knowledgable platform when visiting the wave filled wonderland, the Mentawai Islands.

With flexibility from our local knowledge and experience – having been there for over ten years with extended contacts and advice, we champion making your experience the absolute best it can be whether land or sea based.


Experience perfect waves, warm water, endless sets, hidden breaks and that inner-child froth, because you can never seem to get out there fast enough! The Mentawais is a true dream destination.


Lead by a professional Australian team, we only partner with experienced and quality boats and resorts  – All you have to worry about is which boards to pack. Check out our land and sea options.


  • Ray Collins
    Surfer / Photographer
    The best crew in the mentawai's! Its incredible how many times we have scored unbelievable waves with not a soul in sight, only for the other boats to turn up a day late!!
  • Imogen Caldwell
    Surfer / Model
    To say I can't wait to go back is an understatement! Pristine, uncrowded waters, good food and the knowledge of a local legend to navigate us to the most perfect left handers I could ever imagine.
  • Takayuki Wakita
    Pro Surfer
    The Mentawai islands have such perfect waves, to have the opportunity to surf there means a lot to us. The highlight of our trip was to be able to score good HT rights! Dedi is the real local Mentawain and all the crew on the boat were super kind to us. We had a great time!