Welcome to Surf In Mentawais

We Can Offer Incredibly Affordable Surf Trips In The Mentawais Islands!
There are a few ways we can reduce the direct cost to you by around 10-15%:

1) Start your trip in the Mentawais.
All of our chartered surf trips commence from the Mentawai Islands themselves, so you don’t waste a day of your package in transit (transfer from Padang airport to the islands is all inclusive with us, so don’t worry about the cost either).
2) Choose a less crowded boat.
We have a maximum of 9 surfers aboard, which means it’s easy for us to look after you.
3) Owned & operated by surfers.
We’re offering low cost surf charters because that’s our passion. We know you’re coming to the Mentawais to surf and not to be overcharged for standard essentials.


Experience perfect waves, warm water, endless sets, hidden breaks and that inner-child froth, because you can never seem to get out there fast enough! A Mentawais surf charter is the dream destination.


Owned & operated by a professional Australian team, an Indonesian surf legend, we operate with high quality safety standards – All you have to worry about is which boards to pack. Check out your new home aboard the Sariana.