Mentawais off season – Why you should go!

1.  The Mentawais is positioned approx 70nm off mainland Sumatra. It’s exposed to ALL Indian Ocean swell, ALL year round.

2. Historically, 98% of Surf Resorts and Charter Boats ceases operations during Mentawais off season (Nov-Feb). This minimises crowds and ensures an empty lineup, especially at popular surf locations and populated parts of the Islands, primarily the Playgrounds area.

3. WAVES NEVER EVER STOP ARRIVING! Waves are present in the Indian Ocean ALL YEAR ROUND, it’s only the frequency of the Larger swells that change due to the earths rotation and heating of the earths surface. Big swells can arrive. The day the sun Doesn’t rise, is the day the Swell disappears  – Globally.

4. Only a minority of intermediate surfers Safely navigate the Very large waves and conditions that arrive in the Mentawais during  Peak season (Mar-Oct).

When larger swells arrive, the majority of surfers are forced to sit on the sideline, too watch and leave it up to the Pro’s.

5. Prices can be reduced slightly as Mentawais off season rates come into play, this is to encourage surfers to experience the Mentawais During these months. Don’t forget to ask for your DISCOUNT group booking.

6. The seasons have changed globally. The Mentawai Islands often experience very wet – dry seasons and dry – wet seasons, swells can often drag into later months and arrive a lot earlier than historically predicted, a pleasant surprise for bomb hunters.

During Mentawais off season, local storms often create a surreal atmosphere,  producing colours and light refraction that no words can explain. It’s an awesome experience surfing through occasional storms and being one with the elements.

7. Why Not? NO CROWDS, 29 Degrees,  World Class WAVES EVERY DAY, LOWER COST AFFORABLE TRIPS, what an opportunity to step outside the Norm and stop following what “THEY SAY” about the off season and Experience it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed

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